US intelligence still divided on origins of coronavirus

WASHINGTON  — U.S. intelligence agencies remain divided on the origins of the coronavirus but believe China’s leaders did not know about the virus… Read more

Ida could be devastating Cat 3 hurricane near New Orleans

BATON ROUGE, La. — Tropical Storm Ida swirled toward a strike on Cuba on Friday showing hallmarks of a rare, rapidly intensifying storm that could… Read more

Fossil leaves may reveal climate in last era of dinosaurs

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Booming Colo. town asks, ‘Where will water come from?’

GREELEY, Colo.  — “Go West, young man,″ Horace Greeley famously urged.

The problem for the northern Colorado town that bears the 19th-century… Read more

Lava streams from Indonesia’s Mount Merapi in new eruption

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia’s most active volcano erupted Monday with its biggest lava flow in months, sending a river of lava and searing… Read more

Climate-fueled wildfires take toll on tropical Pacific isles

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Pacific Northwest braces for another multiday heat wave

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Fire-friendly weather to return to Northern California

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Fires rampage through forests in Greece; thousands evacuated

THRAKOMAKEDONES, Greece — Wildfires rampaged through Greek forests for yet another day Saturday, threatening homes and triggering more evacuations… Read more